Sunday, December 21, 2008

Part of the Solution: Permaculture

Permaculture - from the marrying of the two words "permanent" and "culture".

According to the Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook, Permaculuture is "a holistic system of design that embraces the totality of a place. Grounded in the ethical intentions of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share, Permaculture design is a system of assembling conceptual, material, and strategic components in patterns that provide mutually beneficial, sustainable, and secure places for all forms of life on earth. Permaculture pulls from the depths of indigenous wisdom as well the patterns found in Nature. It is a way to garden and a way to build our homes, but it is also a design system that can be applied to larger-scale economic and social institutions.

On January 17-18, 2009 Ravis Sustainable is bringing Jesse Lemieux from Pacific Permaculture to teach a introductory class on Permaculture. It run s from 9am to 4pm, both Saturday and Sunday. Cost is $250. For more information contact Rob Avis at or online at

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